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Boots Ironing Machine

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This machine is designed for ironing boots and removes wrinkles on boots. 
The machine is equipped with a pair of hot aluminum molds 
that can be opened in 6 different positions. 
The molds can be rotated approximately 360 degrees and the stopping
 time of the rotational stroke can be adjusted. 
Aluminum molds can be made according to customers' requests. 
The ironing tools contain a pair of hot air and steam cylinders 
suspended on both sides of the machine, and in addition, 
they contain a pair of hot cylinders located above the machine. 
In addition to standard tools, there are optionally a 
pair of non-steam spoons.

Size/Dimension:1200X890X130h mm

Net Weight: 270 kg

Güç: 9 kw

Name product : Boots Ironing Machine